Sunday, May 05, 2013


Viewing the Local Talent

I met old college roommate and current friend Gary up in Evergreen at the Little Bear to see a local band I quite like, Waiting on Ray. Gary is obsessed with Nietzsche, high energy physics and the concept of zero, but he's always fun to talk to. We had a spirited debate about a lot of things.

I've decided that I'm not going to date again until I get the final order in the divorce, actually a decree of separation, otherwise it would feel too much like cheating; but I have to admit that the long, drawn out process is wearing on me a bit. So, I was aware of the cute women at the Little Bear last night and there were a few. But I was never on the prowl, if you get my drift. Just aware. Between the second and final set one of the pretty women there came up to me and engaged me in conversation, introduced herself, shook my hand and ultimately indicated that it would be OK with her if I drove her home--all in about 2 minutes time. She didn't even look at Gary, who is much more handsome than I am. I was thinking this is strange when a less attractive girl and a rough looking man she had been with earlier came up to her and, without speaking to me, or even looking at me, drew her abruptly away even though she repeated to them that I could take her home. Suddenly she's gone. Boom.

Gary asked, what was that? We thought for a few minutes and the only thing that made sense was her pimp and fellow sex worker had regained control of her. I mean, I was OK looking in my youth but I'm mere days away from 60 now, no longer the kind young, pretty women make bee lines to meet, more's the pity. Gary and I agreed that even if the "friends" hadn't hustled her out, she would have been trouble.

I'd never been to the Little Bear before. I might go back.

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