Friday, May 10, 2013


The Sad Results of Believing the Alarmist Propaganda

Given the hysterics about recent minor melting of the Greenland icecap, one might think that the climate there is getting warmer. One would be wrong.

This paper in Nature says that rapid outflow of the glaciers at the sea termini comes in waves and will likely soon start adding just about .01 mm per year to the sea level. That's not an alarming amount.

A paper in Science says that the melting in Greenland can come to a near complete stop on a dime, or so reports Mother Jones.

And this sad story tells the result of people believing the hype to their permanent disadvantage. Money quotes:

A novice polar explorer from London froze to death and two colleagues were left critically ill after being caught in a massive storm as they trekked across the Arctic.
Phil Goodeve-Docker, 30, had been attempting a 370-mile unsupported charity walk across Greenland with friends Andy Norman and Roan Hackney when they were hit by a “Piteraq” storm two days into the 30 to 35-day expedition.


Mr Goodeve-Docker, who ran the Purple Cactus comedy agency in Hammersmith and lived in Ealing, had been attempting what he called a “frankly nutty adventure” in memory of his grandfather Patrick Pirie-Gordon, who died two years ago.


The expedition was being led by Mr Hackney, who lives in London, while Mr Norman, who works for the Army and lives in Ascot, was like Mr Goodeve-Docker a “rookie” explorer. The trip had been delayed by by a week by “white out” storms. Two years ago another expedition led by Mr Hackney was defeated half-way when a freak storm destroyed tents and equipment.

Guys! It's freakin' cold in Greenland, even in late Spring. Wait 'til full Summer if you have to go there at all. Deadly cold.


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