Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Morris Dees is Looking at the Wrong Area of the Country

The FBI hate crime statistics are out for 2011 and it is not good news for the lefties who think the red states (particularly the South) are a cauldron of barely contained racial hatred.

Here are the stats for the former Confederacy (I left out Tennessee because it defected during the Civil War and because I wanted a list of 10 states to make figuring the average easier):

State               Incidents/Population                                 Hate Crimes per 100,000

Alabama             83/2.28 Million                                          3.64
Arkansas            11/2.9 Million                                              .38
Florida               123/18.9 Million                                          .65
Georgia               17/8.6 Million                                             .19
Louisiana             5/2.45 Million                                            .20
Mississippi           1/.75 Million                                              .14  (Mississippi had one hate crime)
North Carolina   112/9.65 Million                                          1.16
South Carolina   135/4.67 Million                                          2.89
Texas                  152/25.63 Million                                        .58
Virginia               144/8.09 Million                                         1.78

Thus the average number of hate crimes in the former Confederacy is 1.161/100,000 population.

Here are the stats for ten very blue states (and DC):

Washington          213/6.82 Million                                         3.13
Oregon                 128/2.43 Million                                        5.33
California            1,040/37.69 Million                                     2.76
Illinois                   69/9.96 Million                                           .69 (way to go, Illinois!)
Ohio                     228/9.88 Million                                         2.32
Michigan              346/9.56 Million                                         3.62
New York             544/19.29 Million                                       2.82
New Jersey           508/8.82 Million                                         5.77
Massachusetts      367/6.36 Million                                          5.77
DC                          83/.61 Million                                          13.6

Which means the bluest of the blue states (and district) average number of hate crimes is 4.581/100,000 population. That's a rate nearly four times the rate of the red states in the deep South, the former Confederacy.

Perhaps they ought to give up at the Southern Poverty Law Center, with its faux listing of "hate" groups, and open up the Democrat Party Governed Blue State Hate Watch Office instead. More good and less bad that way. I'd be paying special attention to DC, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Oregon, if I were them.

(h/t Ace of Spades)

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