Saturday, May 04, 2013


Justified and Breaking Bad

I just finished the first season of Justified. During the final shootout, Olyphant screwed up and actually sounded like East Kentucky for a second or two. I'm seeing too many live oaks for it to be actually shot in Kentucky. Must be California. I guess I'll watch another season or two. Olyphant's ex wife sure looks a lot better somehow than she did in the miserable the Following. What's up with that?

The purely evil Bo was played by the same actor who was the most menacing, but not the most evil, thug in Breakdown, a very good movie, and the naked cuckolded husband chasing plucky Giometti in Sideways. He's getting a little long in the tooth for un-comical bad guys though. Still, good to see his menace on screen again even if it's the little screen of my lap-top. On to better things.

I caught up last night to where I finally started watching Breaking Bad, one of the better series on television ever. I had started with the 5th season. I think I've seen all the episodes now. Part of what makes the series so good, besides the writing and acting, is that there is a slightly too coincidental but ultimately satisfying relatedness of the situations. That is, lots of things mean a lot and most of it makes sense. And actions have real world like consequences. Serious ones. Deep ones. This might be a first for television.

The arc Walt figuratively travels from slightly comic tyro to completely evil kingpin is both believable and very intriguing. Jesse is almost as good, complex and believable. I simply can't praise this series enough. And they have decided to go out at the peak rather than overstay their welcome. Class act. Also the people sound like New Mexicans and it's filmed in New Mexico where the landscape is as lovely as it is stark, a perfect foil, or perhaps Greek Chorus, for the human interactions. Still want Skyler dead though--next episode is not soon enough for me.

If you're not watching this show, you are missing a minor milestone in TV.


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