Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Failing to Notice a Big Difference

Bleeding heart civil rights attorney Michelle Alexander argues that the criminal justice system in America is blighted with racial animus to the degree that it is the functional equivalent of the Democrat created Jim Crow system. She says it here.

Alexander has gained national recognition for her scholarly work of the criminal justice system. It’s what happens to felons after they serve their time and return to their communities that re-create a Jim Crow system.

These young people come home “saddled” with criminal records that follow them for the rest of their lives and “authorize legal discrimination” against them, Alexander points out
In her book, Alexander describes a system that so closely resembles the conditions blacks faced during Jim Crow, it’s hard to ignore the similarities.
I hated the Jim Crow bigotry in the south, and I only saw the diluted rump end of it in the early 60s. It was an evil system based wholly on prejudice, but it is nothing like the justice system in America. Here's one big difference.

For you to be a victim of Jim Crow bigotry, you had no choice, that is, if you were black the discriminatory laws applied to you.

For you to be a "victim" of the justice system, you have to make a choice and commit an act which makes a victim actually or figuratively of the society as a whole.

Ms. Alexander isn't arguing that blacks have no choice but to commit crimes, is she? I find a statement like that bigoted against blacks. That couldn't happen, could it? I mean she's black...

Nah, I'm probably being bigoted even to ask the questions above.

Never mind.


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