Thursday, April 25, 2013



I just started watching, on Amazon Prime, the newish FX series Justified. It's pretty good so far. Dutch Leonard, the great crime fiction writer, is one of the producers or something and you can see his hand in a some of the dialogue. After a tense start in Miami, FL, the venue of the show moves to Harlan County, KY where I'm led to believe it stays. Funny thing about that, Harlan is about 30-40 miles from where I was born. Many of my cousins were raised near Harlan. How come no one in the series talks like people do in Harlan?

Also, what's up with the neo nazis? Lot more church goers than skinheads in Harlan, although I believe they could have set Breaking Bad in Harlan if they had a mind to. Just as Firefly was a western set in space, this is a western set in modern Appalachia. I've always liked the lead, Tim Olyphant, in fact I like all of the feds in the show much better than I like any of the mere citizens and bad guys, Walton Goggins excepted. It's a show that takes guns seriously, and I like that as well. We'll see.


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