Saturday, March 23, 2013


Thought of the Day

"Lieutenant Mellas," the kid shouted, "we heard you was back."
It was Fisher [who previously had a leech up his urethra, which the corpsman cut out].
"Jesus Christ, Fisher. I thought you were back in the world. What do we have to do to get out of this fucking place?"
"Beats me, sir. I think we have to get killed."

Karl Marlantes in his very good Viet Nam novel, Matterhorn

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Nice. Added to my list at the library, along with some stuff by Ed Rasimus, which you might enjoy, if you haven't already.
Haven't. Thanks for the tip, Jed.
Rasimus's When Thunder Rolled has been on my to-read pile for months & months. Comes highly recommended by mil-friends.
I still haven't re-started Matterhorn but look forward to your overall review.
I don't know when you find time to read with all the TV you watch.
No review. Sorry. Too much TV to watch.

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