Sunday, March 31, 2013


More Hope Than Sense

It appears that in the Senate, the attempt at passing greater gun control legislation will have a narrow focus on a few issues that have polled well. The front runner appears to be more onerous background checks. What very few lawmakers seem to acknowledge is that any law they pass will only be followed by the law abiding. Criminals won't follow them. That's why such legislation is unnecessary and can be counter-productive. If you make through legislation a physical item difficult to obtain, there is immediately a black market availability for that item. Not to acknowledge this is to retreat from reality.

Let's turn our reluctant eyes to the recent tragedy in Connecticut. The evil psychopath who went on to murder first graders tried to buy a gun the week before. He didn't complete the purchase because of the difficulty and delay in obtaining a gun caused by the stringent Connecticut gun control law. The gun haters would call that success. So he murdered the nearest legal gun owner (his mother) with a .22 to her forehead, stole her guns and then killed 26 before self-executing.

Yeah, that's a lot better outcome. Let's see if we can help repeat that scenario nationwide.

Oh, and in this story by the NYT, the reporters say that the results of the police search include a holiday card containing a check for the pathetic loser for a weapon, a C183. The super sleuth police described the C183 as a weapon. There is no such weapon. There is, however, a C 183 Kodak digital camera. The reporter wonders if the 1 is a "typographical" error and instead a CZ 83 (a very nice Czech pistol in .380) was intended. Well, of course, it could only be a reference to a weapon and not a camera. 1 and Z are so close to each other on the keyboard; who hasn't typed a 1 when they wanted a Z? It may be unlikely that a CZ 83 was the object to be purchased by the check, depending on its amount, which was not revealed. The gun goes for $300 to $400, the camera for $65 to $118.

When your only tool is a hammer, everything soon starts to resemble a nail.

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