Saturday, March 16, 2013


In a Happier Time

Former Congresswoman Giffords (AZ - D) before she was shot in the head. Obviously she thought the dreaded, too dangerous for us weak minded gun owners AR 15 was fine to own and shoot then. She looks pretty happy and her pattern on the target looks pretty good. Does her personal tragedy make her change of heart about this gun a rational argument?

The AR 15 was fine until I was shot by a Glock 19 pistol and now the AR 15 must be banned.

There is no logical cohesion to that. She is unfortunately just a shill for those who want to infringe on our rights by choosing what weapons we, who follow laws, can own. She is, and I'm sorry to say this, a fairly pathetic figure being cynically used and the dose of pity or sympathy she injects because of her status as a gun violence victim is not argument at all but an appeal to irrational emotion. She is merely an argumentum ad misericordiam.
And the parade of parents who lost their children to another mental case at Sandy Hook are too. They can load us up with sympathy and an unwillingness to disagree with those who have lost so much, but their arguments are no more logically persuasive than the arguments of those who have never suffered a gun tragedy. And the arguments of that second group of people are not persuasive to a rationally thinking person at all.


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