Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hopelessly Confused

To whom is the "Obey" directed? Usually that's an ironic meme on the left to be wary of what the Government or the elite tells you to do. Shepard Fairey made that famous. Here I have no freakin' idea. Obey the Government which is telling you can't have certain guns and certain sized detachable box magazines? Obey Satan who likes those things? I can't tell.

The body of the poster is an expansion of the old joke: Two graffitti: Jesus Saves! Moses Invests! So it's only a satanic investment to have an AR 15 with a thirty round (normal size) magazine? Oh. Who knew?

If persuasive, logically coherent content were dynamite, this poster couldn't blow its nose.

UPDATE: It is by Shepard Fariey. The star shaped logo in the lower right corner is his at least.

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