Monday, February 18, 2013


Wonder What Gun Powder Availability Was in 1860?

I'm running low on H322 smokeless powder, so on Sunday I went to the usually reliable reloading supply store (it has lots more than just that) with a list of 5 different types of powder I wanted in 8 lb. containers and a few types of primers.The single salesperson not busy selling out the last of their pistols in stock looked at my list of primers and powder and said that the store had none of the primers and powder I wanted, in fact, hardly any powder at all; but the semi truck delivery was scheduled for Friday. The store opens at 9:00, she said, but I might want to get there early to get a place in line that had a chance for success in getting the reloading supplies I needed.

To quote Keanu Reeves in a number of movies: "Whoa!"

I settled for  some very pricy un-primed new cartridges in 30.06 and .300 Weatherby Magnum, the last they had on the shelves. The latter cost over $1.40 each. Weatherby ammunition has been through the roof for over a decade now, but this is outrageous.

If society collapses completely, God forbid, bullets will be the replacement coin of the realm, I believe. So I was investing in the future on Sunday with a hundred .223 rounds assembled with weighed powder for each round for accuracy.


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