Monday, February 25, 2013


Oscar Results

Rough night at the XDA house for picking Oscar winners. In the meaningful 10, I was 6/10, 12/24 overall. Former prosecutor friend Dave also picked 6/10, so he proposes we go eat Dutch food for the lunch we bet. Dutch food? Here are the real winners next to me half right picks.

Best Picture:           Argo (Correct)
Best Director:         Steven Speilberg (Wrong. So much for going with my gut) Ang Lee won for Life of Pi
Best Actor:             Daniel Day Lewis (Correct)
Best Actress:          Jennifer Lawrence (Correct)
Best Sup Actor:      Tommy Lee Jones (Wrong) Waltz for his second Oscar in two nominations
Best Sup Actress:   Anne Hathaway (Correct)
Best Orig Screenplay: 0 Dark 30 (Wrong) Tarantino, Hollywood's most blatant asshole won for Django
Best Adapted Screenplay: Argo (Correct)
Best Foreign Film:   Amour (Correct, but the clips makes it look like a complete bore/downer)

Best Song: Suddenly (Wrong) Skyfall won because its singer has only one name

Best Live Action Short: Curfew (Correct)
Best Animated Short: (Wrong. Apparently everyone doesn't love Maggie) Paperman, which I thought looked very good, won instead
Best Documentary: Searching for Sugar Man (Correct)
Best Animated Movie: Brave  (Correct)
Best Sound Mixing: Les Mis (Correct)
Best Sound Something elseing:  Argo (Wrong) Apparently Skyfall sounded better
Best Costume: Les Mis (Wrong) Anna Karenina won
Best Make-up: Hitchcock (Wrong) Les Mis won
Best Special Effects: Life of Pi (Correct) Everyone loves tigers
Best Cinematography: Anna Karenina (Wrong) Life of Pi won--everyone loves tigers
Best Film Editing: Argo (Correct)
Best Score: Lincoln  (Wrong) Life of Pi won
Best Design: Les Mis (Wrong) Lincoln looked better
Best Short Documentary: Redemption (Wrong) Title misled us as it was about recycling, not what we thought

Seth McFarland did pretty well and didn't seem to be much concerned with offending people. The licensed fool complete. Show had a very slow start and the speeches, now merely meaningless lists of people to thank, were generally intolerable.


Meh. Who cares what the overpaid and over celebrated think of each other?
I saw Zero Dark Thirty on Saturday. Good movie. To me, torture is ripping out fingernails and drill bits through kneecaps. So I didn't think that what I saw was torture. On the other hand, I hate loud a-melodic music, so maybe that part WAS torture (it would be to me.)
Dunno how good the representation was of the actual op, but it sure looked decently authentic, at least from the books I've read about special ops.
Saw this over on Instapundit:

"And isn’t it interesting that Obama, who let people die in an Islamist takeover in Benghazi, had his wife present an award for a movie about rescuing people from an Islamist takeover in Iran."
Good observations. The thing that would make me yell out "Do it to Julia" would be putting me in that box. I'd tell them everything in about 3 seconds.
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