Sunday, February 17, 2013


Friday Movie Review -- Good Day to Die Hard

I remember it was late 70s and I was in New York and I went to see what was to be the last movie by the Austrian/American director Otto Preminger; and it was one of the innumerable, and somewhat dreary British spy dramas based on the Cambridge traitors, like Philby and Burgess. It was called The Human Factor and it had Nicol Williamson and Iman (looking stunningly beautiful). Here is one of its movie posters:
This is from the final scene in the film when the Commie/traitor spy, played by Williamson, has defected to Moscow and has been overcome by emotion talking to Iman on the phone and he lets it dangle. One of the guys watching the movie said loudly, "Hang it up, Otto." He was not a fan of the move, nor was I, although I am very rarely that witty.

They should hang up the John McLean die hard thing. It's just time. In fact, Live Free or Die Hard should have been the last of the series.


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