Sunday, February 17, 2013


Fantasy Dollars

During the dreary State of the Union Speech last week, the President said that he and Congress had reduced the deficit by $2.5 Trillion. What a crock! Here is what the President and Congress have done to the deficit:

I won't call the President a liar for saying this, but this is a metaphor for his thinking here. My wife sees an article of clothing she wants to buy on line and she goes to the store behind the website to try it on and she discovers that the thing is on sale, cutting $40 from the $250 price. She buys it and returns saying, "I saved $40 today buying this. Do you like it?"

She hasn't saved $40, she's spent $210.

 Just so, the President and Congress have spent $5 plus Trillion we don't have. They appear to be preparing to "pay it back" with very inflated dollars. Oh joy!

Inflation is an unvoted on tax that figuratively throws a lot of grannies over the cliff in their wheelchairs.


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