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Comparisons--Left versus Right

The Left's idea of appropriate rape prevention equipment.

The Right's idea of appropriate rape prevention equipment.

The Left's idea of appropriate rape prevention equipment.

The Right's idea of appropriate rape prevention equipment.

The Left's idea of appropriate rape prevention equipment.

The Right's idea of appropriate rape prevention equipment.

UPDATE: Great minds and all that.


This is a really good example of taking two innocuous statements out of context and then manipulating them and blowing them way out of proportion.

For one, I agree with Salazar; a gun isn't an ideal defense against rape. Guns are dangerous and difficult to use, and very prone to accidents, whether used by men or women. Most women don't bother learning defensive techniques against rape, so an untrained person with a gun is statistically a greater threat to themselves than a would-be rapist.

And second, the comments about peeing and vomiting and pens and whatever were meant to be taken as last resort methods, not as ideal methods. When all else fails, try peeing on the guy. I wouldn't have thought of that! It's often helpful to have options when you're primary methods fail, which sometimes happens. It's unfair of you to equate the two, and then to assign them to your red-blue narrative.

I would say that if an average girl wants to take measures to prevent rape, then buy some mace, or a taser, or one of those cool club things that Jennifer Lopez used in that one movie. If you're really serious about rape prevention, then there are self-defense classes and yes, a concealed firearm permit is also an option. But it shouldn't be the go to for everyday average people. Just my opinion.
Allow me to retort: Neither innocuous nor taken out of context. Why would you think either one. Proportion is of course in the eye of the beholder.

Guns are indeed dangerous but they are not difficult to use and not prone to accidents, in fact, gun related accidents have fallen to a new low recently in the US. I blame the NRA. You can't be an untrained person with a concealed carry permit in Colorado. Don't know what your "statistics" are regarding danger to oneself, unless you're talking about suicide, which is a whole different topic, but nothing you said is anything like the picture I have.

The "options" you and Salazar talk about are the ineffectual things the rape victim can do before she gets raped and beaten up because she peed on the rapist, etc. I don't think they qualify as helpful in any know definition of that word.

All the things you mention in the last paragraph, including the club in "Out of Sight" are as illegal to carry concealed as a gun is here in Colorado. Glad that you finally admitted that a gun could indeed prevent a rape, if we're serious about prevention, but your saying it's not for the everyday average person is a mystery to me. I can only conclude that you find guns icky and don't want the ordinary person to associate with things you find icky. A well reasoned reply would be helpful here.
You ask me for statistics regarding accidental gun injuries, and then make a baseless statement about the ineffectiveness of the other options Salazar mentions (and the additional beatings they apparently bring).

The "statistics" I'm talking about are the tens of thousands of accidental gun related injuries in the US each year. Wikipedia points me to this for relevant statistics:

If you can find statistics showing that peeing on a would-be rapist is ineffective (or worse, detrimental, as you have asserted) I'd love to see it. Until then, I'm regarding it as a useful tidbit for a desperate situation.

And I never said guns weren't able to prevent rape, I just agreed they weren't the ideal solution. And I didn't know it was illegal to carry those things in CO. Even mace? What about other states? That seems crazy to me.
Lots of gun accidents but few accidental gun deaths, thank God. Poisoning and car wrecks actually dwarf the accidental injuries and deaths by gun. No statistics I could find on the effectiveness of peeing to stop rape. So if there are none, why say it is an effective way to stop it? Shouldn't the advice the school gives to its students be good advice? Equating non deadly devices with deadly devices is indeed stupid. Pepper spray stuff should be absolutely legal. You can beat a guy to death with a club so restricting them makes at least a little sense. Tasers seem OK. So the government infringes on its citizens' God given right to defend themselves, for reasons that make no sense. Welcome to the world we freedom loving, Second Amendment supporting citizens know all too well.
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