Sunday, January 13, 2013


Name One

Here is an anti-tall magazine piece at politico, which I rarely read, by the DA of San Francisco. I thought the title here, "Time to Ban Assault Magazines," was either a result of ignorance (it's assault rifles or weapons and high capacity magazines) or perhaps it was a clever use of ignorance to make a point. No, just ignorance. Here's the money quote:

Law enforcement officers with experience in mass shootings confirm that, in a large number of cases, the shooters are subdued by nearby bystanders or law enforcement when they pause to reload. These devices simply give assailants more time to kill.

In "a large number of cases" of mass shootings the shooter was subdued by bystanders when he reloaded.
Really, then it should be easy to name one. He doesn't give a single name. I googled the phrase. Here is what I found.

  1. Jared Loughner was subdued when he dropped the new magazine for his 9mm Glock 17  from his pocket. Had he not dropped the new one, he would have been reloaded in a flash and probably not been subdued. Technically a subdue during reload, but with a caution.
  2. Colin Ferguson was wrestled to the ground by three commuters as he reloaded his 9mm Ruger P-89 for the third time. Again, technically a subdue during reload but only after two reloads were successful and no rushing the reloading shooter attempted.
  3. That's apparently it.
In no rational universe is that " a large number of cases." No wonder the DA didn't name any. I'm all for talking about self defense and defense of others. I don't need to resort to lies when I'm doing it. The anti-tall magazine crowd, apparently, does.


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