Friday, December 28, 2012


The Government Wants You to Reload More Often

Here is the story about the "We have to do something no matter how silly and ineffective" legislation my representative (Diana DeGette, D-1st, CO) and one trick pony gun grabber Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-4th, N.Y.) want to introduce in order to ban the sale of detachable box magazines holding more than 10 bullets.

Here's Ms. DeGette explaining her reasoning behind the bill.

"I'm not so naïve as to think that we can pass some law that will stop a deranged person from taking a gun and shooting people," DeGette told The Huffington Post two weeks ago. "What I am interested in is making it as difficult as possible for that deranged person to shoot as many people as possible."

Come now, you have to admit that you are pretty naïve, Ms. DeGette, to think that limiting magazines to 10 rounds will seriously inhibit insane killers from shooting a lot of people in a short amount of time.

Over in Europe, the gun designers early last century, generally, made you have to use two hands to remove the magazine from your pistol. I think the idea was to have the empty magazine in your hand when it was out of the gun. That way the shooter would be more likely to keep the empty magazine in his possession rather than just leave it on the ground where it fell. The P 08 Luger was one of several exceptions with a button release which would allow the magazine to drop out quickly by gravity and then, when a new, full one was slid in, it released the locked open bolt which closed, seating a new round, and you were ready to resume firing. It takes about 2 to 5 seconds to reload when the magazine falls out at the touch of a button. Almost all American guns (and nearly all the new European guns) have the one-hand, button release. (We seem to care more that shooters can keep firing rather than that they retain the empty magazine).

So let's say the insane murderous shooter has two guns with 15 round magazines under the current laws and he has in his pockets or a bag several extra 15 round magazines ready to go. He shoots with one gun until it's empty and the bolt is locked open by the empty magazine. He drops out the magazine and reloads; and he has another 15 rounds to shoot. If he empties the gun again, he has shot 30 rounds. Let's say a very brave individual uses the period the shooter's one gun is empty to charge the shooter. Is he going to get to him? The shooter could just drop the empty gun and pull the second, fully loaded one and shoot the guy charging him. Then he could retrieve the dropped, empty gun and reload it while having a loaded gun ready to go for the short time it took to reload. I believe that was the method the insane killer at Virginia Tech used.

Under the new system, the shooter will be able to do the exact same thing because the proposed law will not make illegal the hundreds of million of magazines of all sorts of capacities that are already in circulation, owned by the hundred million plus gun owners in America. But let's say he could not buy a new tall magazine at any price in a gun shop or gun show, he could not get one on the black market, nor could he steal one; so all he would then have would be two guns with 10 round magazines and extra ten round magazines in his bag or pockets. So he then has to reload twice to shoot 30 rounds, instead of just once, and it takes him 3 extra seconds to do it. Wow, that would be making it about as difficult as any human could make it. (sarcasm).

I've met Ms. DeGette. She and my wife went to Colorado College together decades ago. She's not this stupid. I can not explain how she thinks 10 round magazines will be even the slightest impediment to shooting a lot of rounds quickly. I guess she could be absolutely ignorant about how easy it is to reload quickly now. (Rep. McCarthy didn't know what a barrel shroud was even though the unsuccessful bill she introduced several years ago contained a section which banned them).

But this is all just for show. It won't do a thing to stop insane killers shooting a lot of bullets in a short amount of time. It won't save a single life. It's just stupid. The Democrats must like people to reload more often. I, for one, can't figure out why.

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