Thursday, December 06, 2012


Egyptian Protests--The Empire Strikes Back

The new democratically elected dictator (and USC graduate) Morsi is preparing to fight protests, armed protest, in Tahrir Square with a lot more deadly weapons than the horrible, secular, deposed dictator Mubarak, who was prosecuted for putting down armed protests earlier this year.

Our brand is on the new Salafist crackdown because of our past support and from the fact that the tanks and armored personnel carriers (APC)  in use here are ours, no doubt given to the Egyptian government for not continuing a futile war against Israel. That's a policy, once Morsi puts a brutal end to the protests, which he'll popularly abandon. The tank is an M60 Patton and the APCs are M113s. Both were our frontline battle vehicles during the Viet Nam war.

It's kind of a through the looking glass repeat of Tiananmen Square in 1989 except that we're strongly for the government and not the protestors. Hmmmm.


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