Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Hitler and the Fau Vay

Hitler, on his 50th birthday in April, 1939, inspects one of the automotive developments of the Third Reich which would last, the Volkswagon, the people's car. We sometimes call it by its initials a Vee Double-U or Vee Dub for short. Because the Germans pronounce some letters of the alphabet differently, it's a Fau Vay to them. You can tell this is pre-war Nazi Germany as the SS men are in black and the party officials are in sandy brown. It is a popular idea that Hitler double-crossed the people Germany, many of whom had started to put money into government accounts to buy their Fau Vays. Hitler took the money but never delivered the cars as the production all switched after Poland was invaded to the German version of the jeep, the K├╝belwagen, which looked exactly like the VW Thing, which were sold here in the late 70s for a couple of years. I have no idea if the story is true or not. I wouldn't put it past these fascists.


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