Sunday, October 21, 2012


Running on Empty

This is the title of a pretty good song by woman hater Jackson Browne, as well as the title of a movie about a 60's fascist couple running from the law in the present with an emphasis on their teenage son played by the late River Phoenix. It's also an apt description of the President's re-election campaign. He can't run on his record, which is abysmal, and he can't talk about what he intends to do, as it is merely more of the same that made his record so abysmal. So we get name calling. Talk about lame. I have seen a lot of campaigns for President since I voted for the late Senator McGovern in '72. I think I am aware when an advantage becomes a sure thing. I was able to recognize that cross-over point in the last 5 elections. I've seen it here since Spring.

I've been desperately trying to get money into an account at Intrade Prediction Market so I can bet on Romney and nearly triple my investment. It irks me about the wait for the wire transfer to betting-on-anything friendly Ireland because every day robs me of vig, as even the herd at Intrade wises up to the fact that Obama has nothing and the odds change slowly, slowly in Romney's favor.

At the very least, I'll double what I  bet, assuming Romney wins, as I am sure he will.

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PS: for these aging eyes, the numbers in the captcha are getting really, really, hard to read....
That's what really sets Romney and Obama apart: Romney's meaningful and substantive campaign platform.
CC, I did put a little money in and bet it all on Romney and the next day the odds went in Obama's favor and I'm in the hole. Can't wait for Nov. 7. I read the article you cited. Why waste the money temporarily changing the numbers a little?

Andrew, I hate to continually use the "When you're older with more experience, you'll understand..." gambit, but precise and detailed plans about the future are something NO serious campaign does. When next I see you , I'll explain why.
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