Friday, September 14, 2012


What's on TV

I think Bruce Springsteen wrote a song with the repeated line: 57 channels and nothing on. Well, we're way, way past that now. If Springsteen wrote the song now he'd have to sing: 572 channels and nothing on.

Here, in no particular order, is what I look forward to and watch:

1) Breaking Bad. I didn't like it at first but I think it's become quite good lately. I am a firm member of the Kill Skyler Now club. Seriously, two in the back of the head. She's not even hot.

2) Mad Men. I've been a fan from the start. I have an edge on a lot of viewers in that I was alive during the time it inhabits and can remember it. I was 10 in '63. It seems they are having script problems lately, but I'm eager to see next season.

3) Walking Dead. I know it's slow, slow, slow unless they are shooting ghouls in the head. But I hope that they'll stop talking about their feelings soon and start shooting more ghouls in the head. My advice to the survivors: Go to a class III gun shop and get some suppressors. My advice to the directors and producers: Kill Carl now. Seriously, eaten by ghouls in the very next episode. What happens to him in Walking Dead 7 is not sufficient.

4) Boardwalk Empire. I think they are going to miss Michael Pitt but Buscemi and Mcdonald are enough. I love Jack Huston as the severely wounded WWI killer vet. His role should expand to fill the void left by Jimmy Darmody's murder and I want to see him turn into a sort of Bardem in No Country for Old Men character--deadly and implacable.

5) Homeland. This copy of an Israeli series doesn't quite translate. Why would collateral damage in a rational attempt to take out an effectively deadly terrorist master turn a good American Marine traitor? It wouldn't. The premise is liberal claptrap. But I still like it.

6) Game of Thrones. I've read all the novels. Hard to believe that a fantasy drama where they all talk like the people who work in Renaissance Fairs could be so good, but it is. The last few episodes seemed Readers Digest Condensed Versions but Dinklage is the glue that keeps the series going. There has been a huge drop off in the number of bare female breasts lately. They need to remedy that.

I'm told I'm missing the boat with: Misfits, Spartacus, Parks and Recreation and Community. Oh well, there are only so many hours in a day.

Guilty pleasures: Person of Interest, Big Bang Theory and Castle.

Shows I've given up on: Sons of Anarchy and Weeds (was ever a less likable group of people on for 100 episodes?)

Shows I should give up on: True Blood, Dexter and Dr. Who.


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I'm on the Kill Walt Now boat. I know I could get killed for that but seriously, he bugs me.
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