Saturday, September 01, 2012


Tooting My Own Horn Again

Here is Tim Worstall at Forbes writing about the implications of Michael Mann's threatened, but not yet realized, suit for libel against Mark Steyn and the National Review. The date of his article, in which he features the bad legal strategy of Oscar Wilde, is August 24, 2012.

Here is my posting on the subject on July 27, 2012.

Great minds and all that.

The parallel is pretty obvious.
Professor Mann will be a complete pussy if he doesn't follow through with his threat and sue the pants off his defamers.


You did indeed think of it before I did. As you say, great minds and all that.

I was slightly worried when I wrote it up myself. I was thinking "come on, this is so darn obvious, why isn't anyone else saying it?".

If I'd know that you were I'd have felt rather better.....confirmation that you're not alone in an idea does help.
Thanks, I liked your article very much. It is so obvious to those with a modicum of historical knowledge. Keep up the good work.
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