Saturday, September 01, 2012


I Know Why the Democrats Are Mad at Mitt

There are whole pieces being written about the pause and sortof smirk during his acceptance speech Mitt Romney took and displayed after he pointed out that Obama in a speech 4 years ago said his ascendance meant the rising of World sea level would start to slow and the Earth would start to heal.

Romney promised merely to help Americans and their families.

Romney's best line kinda punctured Obama's only real talent, his ability to spout lefty gibberish in a kind of modified bombast without cracking up, or letting the mask slip too often.

But I know why this line and pause for comedic effect has gotten the Democrats' goats. Obama's prediction that his election would cause the sea's rise to begin to slow is about the only prediction Obama's gotten right. The seas normal, tiny, late-interglacial rise has indeed slowed down.

(h/t Real Science)


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