Saturday, August 25, 2012


Thought of the Day

But being pro-life is hardly an extremist position. I’m not even sure it’s a religious position. I’m an atheist, and I didn’t come to my pro-life stance through any spiritual revelation or interpretation of scripture. To me, it’s just science.
Life is a continuum of growth and development which begins at conception and continues until death, whether it be from old age or from an abortion. Picking a point within that continuum to represent the point at which “life” and personhood is obtained is ridiculous and illogical.
Liberals seem to think it’s ok to interrupt the continuum of life as long as the interruption occurs in the womb, but speaking from a scientific standpoint, we could just as well pick a point outside a womb. Perhaps we could define abortion as ok as long as it occurs before the child learns to walk. Or says his/her first word.
What irks me is this pompous parade of political talking points which hold that being pro-life is somehow anti-woman, and anti-intellectual when in reality the exact opposite is true. We are currently using a political definition for life, established by the court system and not science, and created to rationalize the desire of some to be rid of the responsibility of the children they created.
That, my friends, is anti-intellectual. That’s anti-woman. That’s anti-science.

Rob Port


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