Sunday, August 12, 2012



Here are some things I've noticed in the world, and beyond, which could be important, emphasis on 'could'.

An El Nino is forming up off the coast of South America, albeit weakly just now. This should mean more moisture to the southern tier of American states in the next year or two. So much for the permanent drought predicted for that area.

The sun is nearing what should be the apex of the sine wave of sunspots and flux density of radio emissions at 10.7cm frequency, and the sunspot number is generally well below 100 and the flux density number is generally 125 to 150. But the height of the 11 year sunspot maximum to minimum cycle is where the sunspot numbers should be 175 or so and the radio number should be around 200. What we have now is a very low maximum. There are plenty of people out there (and I am one of them) who believe that sunspots have much more effect on Earth's climate than any trace gas in the atmosphere. Prediction: colder weather for the next decade or so.

The meteorologists who control the temperature record of the US (and the world?) have been "adjusting" the raw temperature measurements up for the last four or five decades. That means that at least half of the reported temperature rise over the last 100 years is mythical, a result of the corrupting of the temperature record. The real rise in temperature over the past century is a very non-threatening .35 degrees C (.035 per decade). I don't doubt that CO2 causes some temperature amplification and that some amount of the CO2 in the atmosphere now is a result of human activity (burning fossil fuels), but the amount of temperature rise directly caused by the fossil fuels is infinitesimally small and not at all threatening to anyone. And the satellite measurements show no further warming for the last decade and a half.


Check out letter to ed. in today's (8/14) WSJ in response to claim of Aug. 9 op/ed of "climate consensus."
Oops, that was an Aug. 6th op/ed.
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