Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Even More Reason to Hate Wind Generators

Here is a blog post about Germany's "different" direction in electric power production. Money quote:

Just recently, German figures were released on the actual productivity of the country’s wind power over the last ten years. The figure is 16.3 percent!
Due to the inherent intermittent nature of wind, their wind power system was designed for an assumed 30% load factor in the first place. That means that they hoped to get a mere 30% of the installed capacity – versus some 85-90% for coal, natural gas, nuclear and hydroelectric facilities. That means that, when they build 3,000MW of wind power, they expect to actually get merely 900MW, because the wind does not always blow at the required speeds. But in reality, after ten years, they have discovered that they are actually getting only half of what they had optimistically, and irrationally, hoped for: a measly 16.3 percent.
That's over 3.5 Billion Euros for 16.3 % of rated capacity. What a bargain!

At least the new minister of the environment knows a boondoggle when he sees one and is allowing the building of 20 plus reliable coal fired generators so that Germany doesn't run out of power.

If Germany commits energy seppuku, what will Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland do when their economies grind to a complete halt?

Any Republican who votes to further fund wind energy in any way should face a tea party supported challenger in the next primary. There is no excuse for such wasteful spending.


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