Monday, July 16, 2012


What's Missing From the SEC Form

It seems the gist of the Democrat complaint about Mitt Romney and Bain Capitol approximately 12 years ago is that the SEC form he signed did not have a place to tell them if you were on a leave of absence or not.

The whole kerfuffle, as Diomedes pointed out today, is from Union dogma that every job in an American company must be located in America.


If the Union prices its members' labor above the market clearing price (even including transportation costs for products made overseas or in Canada or Mexico), then when the factory goes to where the labor costs makes economic sense, it's the Union's fault, not the fault of the company's management.

Everyone repeating the charge that it was wrong for Bain to send overseas some jobs which had formerly been in American factories better have no foreign products in their home (or garage) or they are guilty of hypocrisy (a charge that only applies to Republicans apparently).

UPDATE: Carl Rove points out the non-felony SEC filing of Steve Jobs, who remained CEO but took a leave of absence from Apple for health reasons. Does the President's re-election team think Steve Jobs was a felon too? Aren't there more important issues than the internal inadequacy of mandatory bureaucratic filings from more than a dozen years ago? This was this week's distraction from the President's dismal record in office. Just 16 more weeks to paper over that record with other distractions.


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