Thursday, July 19, 2012


How Stupid Does the Obama Campaign Think We Are?

This is mind blowing.

The new Obama "Truth Team" ad starts with the accusation: "Mitt Romney is launching a false attack." Then the ad plays a clip where Romney accurately quotes the President speaking in Roanoke, VA last Friday: "If you've got [sic] a business --you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." Then the ad says: "The only problem? That's not what he said."

But it is. It's in the White House's transcript of the President's remarks. It's recorded and and transcribed and everything. That's exactly what he said (well, there might be an extra "that" before "you didn't build that" but why quibble about the President's stuttering).

Oh, and then after playing a clip from elsewhere during the Roanoke gaffe*, and Romney's parallel words later, the ad then plays the part where Obama says: "If you've got [sic] a business--that--you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." These ad makers actually play the clip where the President said just exactly what Romney quoted--what the ad calls a false attack because Obama didn't say it. Words fail me here accurately to portray how stultifyingly stupid I think these ad makers are.

Oh and then the ad ends with: "Mitt Romney will say anything." (You mean like an accurate quote of Obama? The nerve!)

A better ending would have been: "We're freakin' idiots who have structured this ad to belie everything we say and to confirm that Romney is accurately quoting Obama."

That would have been actually, well, truthful.

*A Kinsleyian gaffe where the speaker accidentally reveals exactly what he is thinking, a truth he should not reveal..

And to the mental midgets who say the "that" which you didn't build refers to the "roads and bridges" in the sentence preceding the quoted portion, allow me to revive my inner grammar teacher and respond. No, that's not possible for two reasons--first "business" is the immediate antecedent to the demonstrative pronoun, singular, "that" not "roads and bridges" and, second, "roads and bridges" is of course plural (each word is plural) so the correct demonstrative pronoun to use for those two things would be "those", not "that." QED.


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