Friday, July 20, 2012


Bold Predictions

I've never been in the Century 16 Cinema in Aurora Mall in Colorado, although I only live a few miles away (like many Denverites, I treat Aurora like citizens of Los Angeles treat the San Fernando Valley). I've only read a few of the news outlets' coverage of the mass murder last midnight. Nonetheless, I have two predictions.

1) The shooter, James Holmes, is completely apolitical.

2) The shooter is completely nuts--assuredly a sociopath, probably a psychopath and likely paranoid schizophrenic.

Time will tell.

By the way, my prayers and condolences go out to the 71 victims and their families and loved ones.

Apparently he used an AR-15, a 12 gauge of unknown make and one or two Glocks in .40 S&W. Good choices for the last two (to be too much a gun geek in analyzing the situation).

I've been thinking if I were in the theater (a big if as I'm not a Batman fanatic) with a carry permit (which I do not have and do not plan to get) and was actually packing in the theater (another big if) and I saw a guy throw a smoke grenade or two and start shooting, would I have drawn my piece and shot Mr. Holmes? Or would I have thought it was some sort of promotion/performance art and have not shot back until perhaps half of the victims were down and bleeding? Probably. Difficult to stop the completely nuts, I think, if they are clever regarding the circumstances of their mass murder. Cho at Virginia Tech would have been easier to identify as a murderer. Too bad Virginia Tech was a gun free zone so that no one else was armed.

I wonder how many in the audience last night at The Dark Knight Rises were legally packing.

None is hard to believe.

Again, time will tell.

It was in Aurora after all.

UPDATE: The theater where the shooting took place was a gun free zone as well because you cannot carry concealed into a private business that tells you you can't. I'm told the theater chain did tell concealed carry license holders they could not carry into the theater, but I have no personal knowledge there. Hmmm. How come there are no mass shootings at gun shows? They're filled with people and guns and ammo--everything you need for a mass shooting. I just can't figure it out.


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