Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Why 3?

Sigourney Weaver told an interviewer that fading director James Cameron is filming 3 sequels to Avatar at the same time. I have to ask why 3? In the first one, the mining company will return to the lush moon and nuke it from orbit (It's the only way to be sure) and then mine the Unobtainium without further local interference. If the plot goes in a different direction, Cameron will be a total sellout (to the degree that he is not already).

You know, with the way the Star Wars franchise went after a terrific sequel and the way the Alien Franchise went after Cameron's triumphant sequel (and the disappointment most fans had with its supposed revitalization in Prometheus), I'm thinking perhaps good directors never should go back.

It's the only way to avoid the suck.


You think James Cameron is measuring his success by the artistic merit of his work? As long as people are buying the tickets, he's making the movies
Movie making is sui generis as an art form because it costs so much money to make them (compared to the minor cost of the brushes, paints, canvas it takes to paint, for example). So a money losing director (Woody Allen excepted somehow) won't be making movies too long because someone will finally say no, your film won't generate enough revenue to make my investment worthwhile. So a director can't merely ignore financial success, but I am relatively certain that he thinks he's a genius artist (and he can be, has been) who would do it for free and if his films didn't make a lot of money, a real ars gratia artis type, if you will. Hope you are well and happy. See you... sometime.
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