Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Ray_Bradbury-Story_of_a_Writer 1963

In memory of a writer I almost always enjoyed, here is a blast from the past which I saw in 4th grade and it scared the bejesus out of me. Not quite the same impact on second viewing but still a good little story along with interesting biography about Ray Bradbury, dead at 91.

(h/t Joshua Sharf, who found this, long after I had given up)

Off topic. Latest re: Zimmermann in FL:

Disbarment? There are ethical rules regarding pre-trial publicity and decorum and I think she's broken both of those. Dershowitz thinks she's failed to be perfectly candid regarding the arrest warrant, but no prosecutor presents ALL the evidence. I have no problem with the one sided affidavit she helped author. There is a special rule just for Prosecutors regarding not bringing a case unless you have admissible evidence that would reasonably convict with the average jury. I think she's violated that one too.

Sue people for having a bad opinion of you? Looks like her knowledge of the free speach clause in the first is lacking as well.

Not an Angela Corey fan. Looks like she's about 10 minutes into her 15 in any event.
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