Tuesday, June 19, 2012


He Who Laughs Last...

Smug, difficult to take seriously* Andrea Mitchell and often-wrong-but-never-in-doubt Chris Cillizza laugh at a heavily edited clip of Romney on the campaign trail.The humor is supposedly in how out of touch Romney is. The trouble is the edit completely destroys what Romney was getting at--the difference between the innovative efficiency of the Private Sector versus the creaky, inefficient Federal Government. And the fatuous talking heads laughed at Romney as the rube, implying that Romney was saying, in effect, 'Gol dang, can you believe how cool the ordering system is at WaWas? I never seen the like of that' when in fact he was saying look at the instant efficiency of WaWa opposed to the bureaucratic sclerosis delaying for months the opthomologist changing addresses.

This clearly amateur video restores the real context and it's Mitchell and Cillizza who are the rubes, now revealed. I'm pretty sure they won't be laughing as heartily November 7.

" Mitchell said it was well known in Washington that non-spy (analyst) Valerie Plame was working for the CIA, and then she backtracked, lied and said she didn't know why she had ever said that, she must have not been concentrating or something.Yeah, right.


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