Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Consciousness of Guilt

Here is the strange story about traitorous, secret-leaker Julian Assange (and I don't think he is a rapist--just kind of a cad) who is currently seeking asylum in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London rather than be extradited back to Sweden, his adopted country (he's an Aussie), for questioning about rape allegations. Mr. Assange seems to fear extradition from Sweden to the United States for his conspiracy with PFC Manning to leak secret documents Manning stole while in Iraq. Assange thinks he could get the death penalty for his actions. Un-freakin'-likely, more's the pity.

We former prosecutors have a legal term we apply to people trying to flee from justice. It's not a good thing to have applied to you if you're a criminal defendant.

Assange is the white haired guy with gender problems on the left.


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