Saturday, June 09, 2012


Classical Beauty is Only Skin Deep

I can't get the video to embed on this site (I need to go to a 12 year old how to learn do that) but it's here--a good parody of Sarah Jessica Parker's invite (with Anna Wintour) to contest for a seat at her dinner table with the President and First Lady. I might want to go if I could sit next to Ferris. Here is my problem with her video. It's a similar problem I had with John Kerry's complaints in the Jenjis Khan speech when he called the Viet Nam War, President Nixon's War. What? Did President Nixon put 2,000 American military advisers in country in the very early 60s? (No, that would be Kennedy). Did he commit 500,000 American ground troops starting in 1965? (No, that would be Johnson). I guess it was Nixon's war the way WWII was Harry Truman's War or the way the Korean Conflict was Eisenhower's Conflict. But I see I've digressed.

The noted military historian Ms. Parker says: The guy who ended the Iraq War... referring to President Obama.
What? Can she really be so ignorant of very recent history to think that the successful completion of Gulf War I was anything other than President Bush's victory (due to his determination to find the right general and strategy despite savage criticism from Ms. Parker's ilk)?

But there's more: The guy who created 4 Million new jobs...again referring to President Obama. I'm pretty sure the President didn't create a single private sector job, but even if he gets credit as Ms. Parker says, it's woefully inadequate. We need 150K new jobs a month to keep up with simple population growth (I won't count what we need to recover from the big losses at the transition between Bush and Obama). The President's been in office for 41 months so he's just 2 and a quarter Million jobs behind a static, non-recovery, break-even recovery. Wow, no wonder she praises 'that guy'. 

Spare me your ignorant elitist drivel.


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