Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ugly Freakin' √úbermensch

Here are four NAZI party members singing in front of a Woolworth Store in March, 1933 during one of the innumerable Jewish Business Boycotts. The two in the middle, with the Sam Browne belts, are I believe SA, Sturmabteilung, although one has a jacket and one doesn't. The SA was purged and superseded by the SS, Schutzstaffel, a little over a year later.

Jesus, these guys are ugly, doing an ugly deed, for an ugly regime. The sound I hear in my head looking at them is cacophony too.

NAZIs, I hate those guys.


If you are gonna hate something, it would do you good to know something about it first. That March boycott was a direct response to the Jewish boycott of German goods around the world.

Ugly? someone is all about looks I see... lol Ugly deeds? If some people were to declare a world wide boycott of your national production.. some would say the response was a patriotic noble deed.

You hate because they hate... hahah hate is what is all about isn't? I'm sure if the pic was in color it would look better... LOL.
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