Thursday, May 17, 2012


Now We Know Why He Was Walking a Long Way in the Rain for Skittles

In the Trayvon Martin killing case, where Mr. Zimmerman seems to have been charged with 2nd degree murder by unethical prosecutors for solely political reasons, there will be a huge document dump this afternoon. True crime junkies will have a field day. A little information leaked out early. Trayvon Martin, says the autopsy report, had THC in his blood and urine. A 17 year-old, smoking pot? Knock me over with a feather.

Not exactly a drug to make you more aggressive, or so I've heard. Still the apocryphal derivation of hashhish is from assassin as they supposedly got high in order to go murder people. Hmmm.

As a former prosecutor, I think I know a bad case (a dog) when I see one and what I see now of this case is a cloud of fleas.


I dont' pretend to know anything about criminal prosecution, but my gut says, "She punted."
She knew all this information, and with great care sidestepped around it in the affidavit. Knowledgeable legal bloggers ID'd the weaknesses in the affidavit immediately.
Wanna bet she was afraid of the black reaction to a lesser, or no, charge? Jackson & Sharpton & Co.'s implicit (explicit?) cries of racism intimidated her, and she was afraid of another "Rodney King" type uprising in the black community.
So Zimmerman now gets to enjoy the expense of his legal defense and the risk of a guilty finding of 2nd degree murder.
It would be interesting to hear how the discussions went among her staff re: what charge(s) to bring.
I think you have nailed what I said in shorthand as "political". Did she just push back the black rage/riot to when her charges are dismissed (assuming, as I am, that they are)?
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