Thursday, April 19, 2012


You Want Mustard on That Dog, Mr. President?

My eldest daughter was disheartened at trivia last night to learn that there is a war (more like a kerfuffle) over dog treatment currently in the presidential election process. I pointed out that no one would be talking about Obama eating dog in Indonesia when he was 10 if his minions weren't constantly bringing up Romney's putting the family dog on the roof of the family car in a travel cage with a jerry rigged windshield nearly three decades ago. However, sticking to my talking point (which I find quite amusing), I pointed out that putting a dog on the roof of the car was less bad than eating a dog (at least from the dog's point of view). After some pointless rambling about cultural relativism (which I ended by asking if throwing acid in women's faces in Afghanistan was an example of OK behavior for the Afghani culture?) we dropped the subject.

Here's my entry in the Obama ate dog joke contest (h/t Dale):

Someone asked Obama if he knew of a good restaurant in DC and he answered, yeah, I know a place that serves great chow.

Suck it up, minions; you've lost big on this one. I'm laughing at you and your candidate. So are millions; that can't be good for November numbers.


There's a difference in that Obama wasn't eating the family dog. If you wanted Obama to express faux outrage at those Indonesian barbarians and their backwards culture of eating man's best friend or whatever, then congrats I guess, you won. But Obama accepting Indonesian culture by eating dog is in no way comparable to Romney's lashing of the family dog to the roof. Nor is it fair at all to use the idiotic argument of "well, if you gotta accept eating dog, where's the next step? Accepting acid attacks on Afghani women? It's a real slippery slope!"

These are two completely separate incidents that happen to be connected by the fact that there's a dog involved. They're also both equally vapid and pointless, regardless of which "side" is harping on them.
Also, to include acid attacks on Afghani women as part of their culture is super manipulative. That's like if I said, "You know Americans and their murder culture. They just love them murderings. I wish I could accept American culture, but they love to murder just too dang much."
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