Thursday, March 15, 2012


Winston Churchill Crossing the Rhine

He's surrounded by Tommies who are armed with M2 and 1919a4 Browning machine guns on a Buffalo amphibious tracked vehicle. It's 1945. He's smoking a cigar. Life was good.
We used to win wars, against very tough opponents.
Wonder how we used to do that?

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I had mentioned how much I enjoyed the Neptunus Lex blog, and its author. So did others. I thought I'd share a few of their recollections, if you have the time:

It's interesting to see the expanded circle of influence one man had by virtue of today's technology, while not that long ago few would have known of him.

There are readers who never met him flying out to CA for his funeral at Ft. Rosecrans.

A blog he started simply to noodle his thoughts influeced the lives of total strangers. Remarkable, that.

(I hate typos, esp. my own.)
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