Thursday, March 22, 2012


The Walking Dead Has Improved

Kinda. Here is perhaps another way to make the show better. Just kidding. Kinda.
I like the addition of the sword wielding, armless ghouls in chains attending, hooded figure. Also these people need to go to the nearest gun store and get some reloading supplies. Soon. Some suppressors for their handguns might not be a waste of time, either. Finally, they each should get a 6 foot section of one inch steel pipe and weld a spike onto the end pointing straight ahead and carry that around all the time.
OK, one more question. What is powering the ghouls' muscles? We know they don't need oxygen to continue to exist and move. We also know that they can keep up with a running human over long distances. So if it's not the Krebs cycle, what is it? Virus power? What?


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