Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Thought of the Day

As part of his turncoat campaign, longtime Republican operative Steve Schmidt — who became a “made man” working for former President George W. Bush — told his friends at MSNBC that “the notion of Sarah Palin being president of the United States is something that frightens me.” And then he went on to lump her into the same category with the morally corrupt and pathologically dishonest John Edwards.

For this, Mr. Schmidt is heralded around here like some kind of hero. The media lavishes leg-thrilling praise on him.

But what people like Mr. Schmidt don’t understand is that the reason so many Americans fell in love with Sarah Palin is not because they hate Democrats. It’s because they hate Republicans. Specifically, Republicans like Steve Schmidt.

Charles Hurt, writing about Game Change, the movie


Loyalty. A lost art?
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