Sunday, March 18, 2012


Steeler Fans

Many people think Southerners sound kinda dumb. Others pick on people from Brooklyn or Pittsburgh and attribute to them less than stellar intellects. I have my doubts that people in Pittsburgh are any dumber than anywhere else, but, here's something to make me want to rethink that. Here's a particularly stupid editorial from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, based on two less than ground breaking studies (I think this is one of the two mentioned). It takes three paragraphs of setting up a nearly useless metaphor before the editorial gets to the point, such as it is.

Sea levels are rising and a lot of people live on the coast.

Wow. How helpful.

Here's one stunningly stupid sentence:
... the sea itself is rising -- and it has been since the late 19th century.
Well, maybe a little longer than that.

Like about since 20,000 years ago, although the rate has dropped off in the last 8,000 years and is recently at about .118 inch/year (and lately it is not even that). So less than a foot per century. I think the people on the coast might have some time to escape a watery death.

The stubborn fact is that the sea level is rising (generally) all through the interglacial and then it starts falling as the new ice age begins. Then it is somewhat stable until the next interglacial starts 100,000 years later. At least that's how it's worked for the last several million years.


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