Saturday, March 24, 2012


A Post in Which I Praise our President

I've been to three sporting goods stores today, including one which specialized in reloading (at least it has about four or five rows of shelves of reloading supplies). You can not get many different brass cartridges. They sell out just as soon as the store employees put them on display after a new shipment arrives. The prices for the new brass cartridges are sky high.

Ruger is selling so many guns that they have had to stop taking new orders for a few months just to catch up with the old orders. The company has sold a million guns since January. It's the fourth largest gun maker in America.

New stores and shooting ranges are starting up all over Colorado. The guns shows are absolutely, shoulder to shoulder packed (although there are fewer people selling things than even a few years ago).

To whom should we attribute this boom in weapon sales? For what reasons are the populace arming themselves (since the general violent crime rate is down)?

I guess it could be people trying to beat the gun ban they mistakenly think is coming.


I think it's people aware of the coming bust who want to be somewhat prepared for the total breakdown of society before the end of the decade.

I hear even Democrats are buying guns. What is this world coming to?


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