Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's No Fluke

Let's keep talking about this as if it were an important issue compared to the deficit or Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. Let's keep talking about this as a sure fire winner of an issue for Democrats in general and the President in particular.* Let's keep talking about people demanding others pay for things they want through federal mandates, regulation or law. (I don't want the government to pay for things I want--I want to earn them). Let's keep talking about the Republican's principled opposition to what Ms. Fluke said, on constitutional and ordered liberty grounds, as the Republicans' completely apocraphal War on Women (there's a civil notion for you). Let's keep on talking about this at all costs, because it is just so freakin' interesting.


Hypocrisy: yup. ...election year & Obama's got nuthin' else to run on.

And here's some Fed-talking-out-of-both-sides-of-mouth fer ya' (via ZeroHedge):
"The Fed Chairman, who is too busy to tweet at the moment, has just released his pre-recorded speech on Community Banking. In its (sic) we find the following pearl: "Despite some recent signs of improvement, the recovery has been frustratingly slow, constraining opportunities for profitable lending." Wait, hold on, yesterday the same Chairman told an eager headline scanning robotic world that economic growth was upgraded from "modest" to "moderate" - so which is it? Or will the Fed merely feed the HFT robots whatever is needed to nudge the market in the appropriate direction whenever needed? Oh wait, we forgot... Election year. Carry on."
Putting the Fed out of its misery is the only thing I on which I agree w/Ron Paul.
Trust in our government I fear has fled.
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