Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We Have to Get Rid of the Medieval Warm Period

At least they tried.

Here is a reconstruction of average snow temperature in Greenland over the last several millennia from ice cores in Greenland. The scientists look at the ratios of gas isotopes in air bubbles trapped in the ice to reconstruct the ambient temperature. As this record fits the historical narrative I'm aware of (Saga and Roman writing, for example) as well as fits the climate consensus of several hundred studies regarding the climate about 1,000 years ago, I'm willing to buy it. It tells the tale of a very serious temperature drop, the Little Ice Age, from which we seem to be recovering to the more 'normal' warmth of the interglacial which contains all the recorded history of mankind. This seems also to fit the earlier IPCC graph. which was replaced by the infamous hockey stick graph of Michael Mann et al., which was not only junk science but lying science, like with the Pitldown Man, as even random numbers fed into Mann's algorithm produced the same flat for a thousand years then rocket up in the last 50, which graph is anti-history. Here is the old IPCC graph.

You can't get rid of the Medieval Warm Period. It existed.

I personally think the CO2 warming has met the saturation point so that there will be no more measurable warming as we find fossil fuel deep in the Earth and turn it into CO2 and energy.


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