Sunday, February 26, 2012


Waging Lawfare

Liberal groups have used suspect studies to stop development, that is, building structures that enhance human civilization, to protect little know, tiny animals like the snail darter, delta smelt, Preble's jumping mouse, arroyo toad and the future king, the dunes sagebrush lizard. Who really cares about those? There are animals we love and eagles are high up on that list.

I hate wind generators. They are expensive, completely useless* blights on the land. And they chop up birds and kill bats. They even chop up golden eagles--federally protected golden eagles. I used to fantasize (in a purely hypothetical way) about shooting wind generators with .50 BMG armor piercing, incendiary rounds. Naah, let's put them out of business soon by using the Endangered Species Act about animals we actually care about, and which are indeed being killed.

Even better would be not to continue to subsidize (actually subsidize, not merely allow them to take real costs of production out of the bottom line for taxes) wind generators. I get the feeling that Congress has not continued the subsidy and may not continue it before it lapses at the end of the year, but there is precious little on the subject even on the web. Loss of subsidy would end new construction and probably stop maintenance and the big useless eyesores would soon grind to a bird safe halt.

*As with any intermittent energy source, the real electrical power producers, which are not nimble, produce power at the base rate and above as if there were no intermittent producers. That is, the intermittent sources don't reduce the real power production by a single watt, or amp? whatever. They are merely unsightly, horrible, very expensive trinkets to our erstwhile mistaken belief in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. Oh, and our caring for the natural world, of course. Except for the dead birds and bats.

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The Watt is the SI unit of power; the amp or Ampere is the standard unit of electrical currents. So you were right the first time.
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