Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The State of the Union

If you missed the campaign speech, here is a transcript. President Obama wants to:

  1. Set up new bureaucracy called a Trade Enforcement Unit.
  2. Train 2 Million for new jobs.
  3. Give more money to teachers and require High School students to stay in school.
  4. Create a lot more complex tax code.
  5. Double down on supporting useless wind and solar energy.
  6. Use the money from downsizing the military to 'nation build' here in the US.
  7. Subsidize mortgage refinancing.
  8. Write more regulations.
  9. Create a new bureaucracy called a Financial Crimes Unit.
  10. Raise taxes on the highest earners and continue to underfund Social Security and Medicare without any reform to those programs' unsustainable spending.
  11. Create a new bureaucracy called the Veterans Jobs Corps.
Doesn't the President know that we don't have any money left?


The FCU exists already and is called the SEC. God what an asshole.
..."drew", I meant to finish my name
Are you calling me an asshole? For pointing out that, despite knowing that the SEC already exists, President Obama proposed the formation of an FCU last night? If you look close, you can see yourself here *, Drew.
(...said, sarcastic tongue firmly in cheek): given the efficacy (or lack thereof) of the SEC's recent anti-crime endeavors, maybe we DO need a brand new agency to pursue financial crimes.... Maybe SEC could transfer over there their people who for years (decades?) blew off the Madoff scheme, etc.
It's not like the SEC has been useful lately.
No, I meant Obama. Sorry for the confusion. I agree that something needs to change within the financial crime enforcement division of the US, but calling for another bureau when there are instruments in place already--ones he's actively surpressing btw--makes him an asshole. Not you :P
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