Saturday, January 21, 2012


Self-Authenticating Details

Diomedes and I have been having a series of discussions regarding God and he's used the 'finding the watch' example (the existence of which implies a designer/builder and in a larger sense the existence of a watch designer/builder implies the existence of a designer/creator of the mind and body of the watch designer/builder). That brought to mind the 'finding the fork on Mars' opinion piece I read a long time ago. I have since thought of examples of simple actions the details of which in context reveal not a greater truth but the authenticity of the action itself. One that came to mind was in Tom Cruise's movie a few years ago, Valkyrie, about an unsuccessful plot to kill Hitler. In the movie, he's Col. von Stauffenberg, who has lost his right hand and two fingers of his left. When he has to charge his pistol, I think it's a Walther PP, he does it by pushing the slide open on the edge of a desk. That has to be the way the real von Stauffenberg did it, because there is no other way to do it one handed. The detail, if one knows about von Stauffenberg's physical condition, the necessity of opening and closing the slide to put a bullet in the chamber and the force it takes to push open a Walther PP slide, authenticates itself. I find these details supremely satisfying. I have embedded the trailer for the movie on the blog and the detail I'm talking about comes at 1:40. It takes less than a second.

Truth, it seems, can come in very discrete packages.

This might seem a very tiny thing to post about, but it resonates with me as we approach Holocaust Remembrance day and I've posted a longer thing about some movies about WWII.


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