Sunday, January 29, 2012


Another One Bites the Dust

First let me talk about the etymology of the term "bite the dust". Many probably think it was coined in the Queen song but it has, I believe, a more ancient origin, probably in the Iliad (c 700 BC) or at least in the mid 19th Century translation thereof. It is a kenning for dying in battle. Now we use it for just dying or failing.

So talking about failure, the list of failed government supported, 'green energy' companies has expanded from Solyndra to now include, Evergreen Energy, Ener1, Beacon Energy, SpectraWatt, and Eastern Energy (with 6 more in serious financial trouble). All told, our government has almost certainly wasted $6.5 Billion on these losers, chump change in the greater, horrible debt picture, but still real waste. It is all the more disheartening that this backing of the government is based on a fraud, that increased CO2 will be in any way deleterious to our planet. And the final insult to injury is that President Obama has said he will double down on supporting such worthless projects in the future.


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