Friday, December 02, 2011


Local Corruption

Here is a link (from Diomedes) which puts you at the good parts (for Coloradoans) of Throw Them All Out, a tell-all book about Congressional inside trading and conflicts of interest. The subject is Jared Polis (D--2nd Dist. CO).

Funny how no one in Colorado seems to want to talk about these allegations. What's up with that?


Thanks for that: it solidifies my strongly-negative opinion of Polis.

And now it appears that [my home county of] Larimer County will be switched to Polis' 2nd District from Garner's 4th.

I wonder if the conservative population of Larimer that helped put Cory Gardner in office can outvote the liberal elite of the city of Boulder?
I hate seeing my own typos: GarDner in both places.
Let's hope the redistricting helps. I'm not hopeful.
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