Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Second Thought of the Day

(h/t this isn't happiness)

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That sign forgot to mention the statute of limitations, probably the more important aspect of the "we are patient" theme.
ps I also find it amusing that your reaction to the OWS protests and the Tea Party protests are so different. When thousands of people gather around the country for ONE DAY to parade around empty sloganeering and tea bags
on their hats for Fox News to cover, you call it a grassroots movement (it wasn't) and a directive for change in the government. When thousands gather across the country for MONTHS to parade around (admittedly) empty sloganeering but also genuine frustration at a broken system, you dismiss it as an anomaly that will go away once the hippies get bored.
it's the cold that will do them in, and the hassle of dealing with the other vapid hippies. Tea party--O arrests, 0 damage (they leave the area cleaner than they found it) little cost to the city they gather in. OWS--thousands of arrests, crime (sexual assaults, theft, and vandalism) is rife, millions in police overtime in each city the protest in, and for what? Contradictory, pie in the sky desires for free things? It's the logical extension for serving students' self esteem rather than giving them actual knowledge and skills. Thanks for the comments.
So as long as you clean up after yourselves, your protests are legitimate? If the original Boston Tea Party had cleaned up the harbor afterwards, the British would have said, "You know, those yanks may have a point. I like the cut of their jib." Is that how it works?
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